chillin’ like a villain

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I can’t wait for this sem to end! Everyone is going crazy! Seriously. You know people are going gaga when your FB notifications about acads are cascading like a waterfall. And oh, people are tweeting non-stop to relieve stress or what have you. Thank you Twitter. We love you!

Anyway, being the travel freak that I am, I always look for beautiful places to discover. Sembreak is just around the corner and my boyfie’s board exam is a month away too! So what better way to reward ourselves than to have a fabulous vacation!

So where to go? We really don’t want to go to Boracay anymore because aside from being overrated  it is seriously EXPENSIVE. So I relied on my ever reliable and abused  search engine, Google. Thank you Google for making life easier! I just punched in keywords such as beach luzon, batangas, palawan, puerto galera, coron etc etc to look for reviews and tips on pristine beaches! yes this sembreak, I want to be a bitch on the beach hihi. I really do not go for reviews from Tripadvisor and the like because I want real experiences from REAL PEOPLE. Thank God for Travel Bloggers! Not only do they provide unbiased reviews, they also give tips on how to stretch your hard earned money!

Currently, I am thinking of going to either Amihan villa or Potipot. Palawan will have to wait. They are both beautiful places and they very accessible! I encourage you to check these places out  and have a nice sembreak before all hell breaks loose on our last semester in UP Manila.

So chill like a villain this sembreak!

Find your own special place and sit back and relax!


You can message if you want to join me! 🙂 ako na gagawa ng itinerary 😉 


The right kind of buzz

October 9, 2011 4 comments

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve pestered  (well not really :p)my friends and relatives into buying things. In fact, I have tried selling clothes, shoes, gadgets, beauty products and even hand sanitizers. It is really not that hard to sell things within your circle because a. you know what they want , b. you know their weaknesses, c. they personally know you and d. you can always use your charm. Sadly, it is not the same with other people; those outside your circle. I learned this the hard way when I tried an online business. I really had a hard time promoting my products. I tried tapping friends of people within my circle but I still struggled. Maybe I was doing something wrong or maybe  there was something I was not doing?

In a sea of products, it is hard to get noticed.  Maybe if I was able to read Emanuel Rosen’s The Anatomy of Buzz-Revisited before I started selling online, I would have done things in a different way. Anyway, one thing is for sure, for a business to survive–especially a new one, it must have a significant amount of buzz. But even before making one, Rosen suggests that we take advantage of  social media as means to get our message across. He said that our messages should be viral-friendly. What did he mean by viral-friendly? Well it should be interesting enough at the same time it should be natural and should it should establish a positive social connection with your target audience. Striking enough to catch their attention, natural enough and relate-able.

Speaking of Audience, you also have to keep in mind that having an audience is not enough, you should have the right kind. You should know who your products are for and of course you should tap people who are influential. Just like for clothes, knowing am influential  fashionista could mean a gold mine. If she shares your product on her blog or facebook or even tweet it to her followers, not only will people know your brands, it could also translate into sales!

Lastly, for an extra ooomph to your business SEO should be done so that when a person searches for something related to what you offer, your store will be able to reach the page 1.

So go try it out!

“Unlike” it.

October 9, 2011 2 comments

I looooooove free stuff! I am sure a lot of people love receiving things (whatever it may be ) that cost zilch (well not exactly free because there’s your electricity bill, you time killed in joining the contest etc etc etc)! Social media has radically changed and empowered how things work in giving away free stuff! Places like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs have revolutionized the way things work . Winning cool stuff  like iPhones, iPad, vacation packages etc. are just virtually clicks away!

How to get started

There are tons of contests online. Just type “contests” “promo” “giveaway” and other related keywords into your search engine of choice and you are bound to be bombarded by opportunities to get free stuff! Woot!

Usually you can find these contests or what have you in Facebook Fan pages, Twitter, and some blog sites. There are actually some sites that are dedicated to online contests or promos. You can just search for such websites and just breeze your way in to finding free stuff! These sites are up-to-date so don’t worry 🙂

I found a contest so what now? 

Just read the mechanics of the contest carefully. Most contests involve “liking” the fan page first before you can access or see the contents of the page. Usually online contests are pretty simple. Most of the time they ask participants to post a photo or a comment on their page and the post with the most “likes” wins the coveted price! Wolaaa! Free stuff, well, that is if you can manage to get tons of likes!

All about winning

Contests online were made out of good intentions. Many brands have resorted to do it to boost traffic in their sites, increase awareness about their products, captivate their target market etc etc etc (insert other marketing efforts :P) But sadly, some people have resorted to cheating. Yes you read right, CHEATING their way into generating the most likes to win a contest.

How do they do it?

It’s pretty simple but very stupid, rude, unethical, time consuming and unfair process. These people cheat by creating multiple accounts to able to boost their “likes”. A newbie may make 2-5 fake accounts but a master syndicate who has scamming people into winning contests may have as many as hundreds of accounts or maybe even thousands!

Many contests online have suffered great loss from these cheaters. These cheaters have become a source of a big deal of a headache to admins of contest. 

The Remedy

Luckily, admins, corporate  communication and promo managers (a lot of them are OrCom graduates! Cheers!) have found ways to combat these trolls. Instead of just relying  solely to sheer number of “likes” , these “likes”  will just be a portion of the criteria for judging, say about 15-20% of the total score. Judges will then evaluate the entries sent by participants on several categories and whoever gets the highest mark gets to win the price!

Sure, it may seem taxing but atleast it somehow assures both parties that the right person will win the contest.

The whole scenario about fake accounts roaming in the net makes me wonder if divulging one’s true identity will lessen these terrible events? What do you think?


The man behind the black shirt

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He maybe an asshole but he was probably one of the most successful man on Earth. He had the balls to go against the current, to constantly move forward.

Hours ago, the man behind the sinful fruit, Apple, passed away.

Steve Jobs was no ordinary man. He was a visionary that brought extraordinary commodities that forever changed the world we live in. He kept the music industry alive with his introduction of iTunes to the market. He made seemingly out of this world ideas come to life. Who would have thought that you could fit thousands of songs in your pocket? –Steve did not ask whether it was possible because he knew it was, it was just a matter of time.

Apple has reached a success that has yet to be toppled off. From New York City to Nairobi, people have been smitten by Apple, it has become a way of life for most people. I mean who does not know Apple?

Apple products have changed the social media arena. With such gadgets,  one is just literally a touch a way from tweeting, from posting a comment and even from blogging! I for one have a wordpress application on my iDevice so that can blog wherever I go. With iDevices, people can bring their office on the go.

Steve Jobs created a world where social media can thrive.

Thank you for making life easier!

Hats off!

Dahil masarap ang bawal- Apple

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Ladies and Gentlemen,  Apple has done it again! After months of waiting, die hard Applenatics(?) whipped their hair back and forth til they’ve gone bonkers.Why? Bloody Apple released a bloody Iphone 4S. After patiently waiting for like forever, all they got was a measly “upgrade” to the trusty Iphone 4.

Sure the new phone will come with a new software but so will the aged 3gs,Iphone 4 and heck even the third gen itouch will receive the software upgrade. So what is the buzz all about? Why the heck should we ditch our phones and take a bite out of the sinful fruit? Well, because it is freakin cool and scary! Well, atleast Siri is!

Siri is a new innovation that can be found in the iPhone 4s. It is like having your own Madam Auring  at your finger tips!  (Okay,that was quite corny. Uncalled for, but you get the point.) To lazy to text? No problemo! Just let Siri handle it. Want to write your life story without moving your poor old fingers? Just blabber away and let Siri do the typing. Having a dilemma whether or not to bring an umbrella, just ask Siri! And if you want to practice your social skills, well just ask Siri and he/she will ANSWER. SCARED? YOU SHOULD BE. (haha)

This is a weird yet a totally valid –When Apple made Siri, they had OrCom in mind.If you look at the picture closer they make life easier for billions of people across the globe. Just imagine the ease of not having to fuzz about something when you know that you have a reliable source of not just information but the capacity to be one step of the game; to be able to anticipate events and make them work to your advantage. Let’s go back to the umbrella dilemma, well had you asked Siri( and assuming you followed it), rain falls furiously at the middle of the day, your crush doesn’t have an umbrella, just your luck! You can make a swift but suave move of getting closer by offering him/her a shade under your umbrella!  With it, no more missed opportunities 🙂

Anyway, I miss Steve Jobs and his attitude.


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Sabi nga ng mga magulang ko, edukasyon lang ang maipapamana nila sa akin. Kahit magkanda kuba sila ay okey lang basta makatapos kaming magkakapatid ngunit paano na kung pilit kinikitil ng mga mapang malabis ang pagkakataon upang makapag-aral?



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The Remedy

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